Heaven is real, and the only way to get there is through Jesus Christ, His Son.

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Lydia was seated on her bed reading her Bible on an ordinary August morning, oblivious of what she was about to hear and what would become her life from that day forward. Her son and nephew rushed into her bedroom. Her son was shouting…

A Journey with Christ Part 2

In the morning we woke up early. After we got ready, I asked the children to sit on the bed so we could pray. A thought crept into my mind, and I asked.


“Where was Jesus while we slept?”
“He made a bed here.” Mnjala, my nephew pointed at the empty space between their bed, my bed, and the television set of the hotel room.
I was not ready to hear this one…

Angelic Children Book Series

Dear Parents and Guardians, in this time and age, it is important that you teach your children the Word of God from a young age.
Our children need the word of God in their hearts and the Word spoken into their lives. You will agree with me that the world is getting very corrupted with all kinds of evil. Even the technology that is meant to make our lives better is being used for evil. The enemy has unleashed an attack on children because his time is short!

In this series of books, the children will read our personal testimony that will help them to be firm in the Word God.

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Teen Guide

There are obviously two kingdoms at war for your very lives – the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. God’s power is greater to overcome the darkness that has influenced you negatively.

Satan is waging war against you because he knows that his time is short. In order for you to defeat him, you must…



The bible teaches us that there is life after death. When you take your last breath here on earth, the soul and the spirit leave the body and go to either heaven or hell while the body is buried, and it returns to the dust. Those who believe in Christ Jesus and have lived a righteous life, begin eternal life in heaven. Those who rejected Christ face eternal damnation to hellfire.

Death is not the end of life but the beginning of the afterlife which is eternal. Life on earth is just a preparation for eternity. God has placed an awareness in our hearts that the spirit lives forever. There is something more than this transitory world.

In this book Lydia brings insight about life and the afterlife. She uses, the word of God, personal experiences and other supernatural experiences to answer questions about eternity.

She addresses important questions such as:

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